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Episode 278 Part 3 - Evil App / Cool Summer Vacations / Walking on Coals

If you like spoilers, then you love our show...but there's an evil app out there that will ruin the life of your fellow Game of Thrones fans. Plus, travel guy, Gary Warner visits with some travel destinations that will help you beat the summer heat. And what really happens when you go to one of those motivational meetings and walk on the hot coals? Somebody call 911!!!
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Episode 278 Part 2 - Dr Claudia Six on Erotic Integrity

Are you getting everything you want in bed? If not, do you know how to ask for it, or are you afraid to ask? Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Claudia Six joins PhilKelly and Gonzo to give advice on this touchy, feely topic. Count the double entendres as the conversation evolves from basic communication int he bedroom, to asking for something your partner might find shocking. (Can you say, Hello Kitty?)

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Episode 278 Part 1 - Brexit / Ticketmaster / Pick-up Lines

Today is the day England voted to leave the European Union, also known as "Brexit." Kiss your investment portfolio goodbye. Co-Host Gonzo Greg Spillane  details the unusual account of a lady from Texas who got jaw surgery and had a completely different accent when she woke up. Co-Host, Kelly J proclaims, "Ticketmaster Sucks" in describing what is really happening in the settlement that could have a pair of free concert tickets waiting for you. Phil Hulett has the top pick-up lines from movie history.

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Episode 277 Part 6 - Finding Dory / Meatloaf / Public Bathrooms

Manny the Movie Guy reviews Finding Dory and Central Intelligence. What does it sound like when Meatloaf hits the floor? Strange stuff people have seen in public restrooms. And just in time for Father's Day 2017, the gifts dad would really rather receive from you.

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Episode 277 Part 5 - Camping / Best Butt Award / Charlie Sheen in Your Bed

For the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks system in the United States, Author and camping enthusiast, Dan White talks about his book, "Under the Stars, How America Fell in Love with Camping." Plus hear the response a restaurant food server gave to her boss when she was recognized for her hard work with the "Best Butt Award." And we'll explain how Charlie Sheen plans to get in bed with YOU.

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Episode 277 Part 4 - Lack of Wisdom Teeth / Avocados for Music / Dad as Superhero

Where's the wisdom in having your teeth removed? Phil Hulett ponders the significance of a full set of crab-crackers. Skylar Cuarisma makes a comparison to "free" music on YouTube and the price of avocados. Thomas Gagliano visits to talk about how father's can step up to be the role models they were meant to be...real "superheroes."
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Episode 277 Part 3 - To Emoji or Not / Playlist for Fishing

Communication consultant Leslie Shore joins Phil HulettSkylar Cuarisma and Dale Lopes to discuss the pros, cons and societal trends of using Emojis. Plus, if you love fishing, you'll love Phil's playlist of Country Music songs about fishing. In English history there's something called "The Great Stink." Listen to this segment to find out what that is. and finally, happy wife, happy life update.


Episode 277 Part 2 - Surviving an Active Shooter Situation / NBA Finals

Dr. Joe Alton, AKA, "Dr. Bones" offers tips on how to survive an active shooter situation at work, school, or in an open space, like a shopping mall. He says in every case you have three options. Listen to this segment to hear what you need to know to stay alive. Plus Dale Lopes reviews the NBA Finals after 6 games between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Phil Hulett and Dale disagree on who is going to win.

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Episode 277 Part 1 - Teen Sex / Muscle Beard / Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Dale Lopes uncovers the latest trends in teenage sexual activity. Phil Hulett explains how to turn muscle beard into free dessert. Skylar Cuarisma ain't from around Nashville, but she lives there just the same. She reports on a bar fight that would turn your nose. Plus in all of Hollywood, there are only 13 celebrities who admit to having plastic surgery, and Phil has the list. 

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Episode 276 Part 6 - Love for Ron Perlman / El Nino was a Bust / Caught at Work

Manny the Movie Guy visits with his reviews of The Conjuring 2, Now You See Me 2, and Warcraft. Plus Manny has some interesting words for typecast actor Ron Perlman. Gonzo Greg says goodbye and good riddance to El Nino and says hello to his little friend. And Phil Hulett has the top things people get caught doing at work.

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Episode 276 Part 5 - Roadside Attractions / ABR / Under the Cap

Phil Hulett and Gonzo Greg Spillane take a moment to contemplate David Letterman's neck beard. Then Nat Geo Kids Books author, Kitson Jazynka offers her expertise that led to the writing of the book, 125 Wacky Roadside Attractions. If you already know what "ABR" stands for, you know you are pretty twisted. Greg explains in fairly graphic detail about this, uh, lifestyle. And you never know what Phil will find when he looks Under the Cap.

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Episode 276 Part 4 - I Almost Died at Summer Camp / How to Beat the Summer Brain Drain

Phil's co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane talks about how much he hated summer camp when he was a kid. This prompted Phil to recall his greatest memory of summer day camp while a member of the Webelos. It was the time when Phil ALMOST DIED! Ironically, the next guest on the program is Dr. Carole Lieberman who, in advising on how to help your kids avoid the summer brain drain, she recommends, among other things, SUMMER CAMP!

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