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Episode 273 Part 5 - What You Eat Defines You / Childhood Chronic Diseases on the Rise

Prepared to be Devoured by Culinary Expert, Sophie Egan. Her book, "Devoured," discovers what the food you eat says about you. Dr. Daliah Wachs explains why she believes so many more kids are contacting chronic diseases. She suggests, and Phil Hulett agrees, today's helicopter parents need to "embrace the dirt" so their kids can naturally build a little immunity. 

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Episode 273 Part 4 - Earpiece Translator / Honey Mead / Mike Trout

You've used that translator app on your phone for ever, right? Now there's an earpiece which listens to the language the person right in front of you is speaking and translates it seamlessly into your language. Cool, huh? Admit it, you don't like mead, but you'll drink it to sound cool, in a medieval way. Is Mike Trout as good as Willie Mays, and are the Angels going to trade him to the Yankees? 

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Episode 273 Part 3 - So Many Planets There Must Be Life / Runnin on Renewables / Fast Food Kiosks

NASA Expert Rod Pyle talks about the preponderance of new planets being discovered and ponders how much more likely it is that there is a life-sustaining orb out there in space. Let's give credit where credit is due...the phrase, "A Walmart on Uranus" was delivered with effortless comedic timing by Mr. Pyle during this bit-sized chunk of Episode 273. Brooke Peterson was all giddy about a small country operating an entire week on only renewable energy. Dale Lopes complained about Kiosks at fast food restaurants, but warned pimply-faced counter workers that their days get orders wrong are numbered.

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Episode 273 Part 2 - Dying You Need a Will / Controlling Your Metabolism / The Bluetooth Tampon

Estate Planning Attorney, Sam Long explains, regardless of size, wills are vital if you don't want to leave your beneficiaries in a world of hurt. Dale Lopes describes a new blood test that can accurately define your metabolism and new therapies that can use that information to help you change it from fast to slow, or vice versa. And finally, Brooke Peterson introduces us to the Bluetooth Tampon. 

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Episode 273 Part 1 - Fecal Bank / Sex Roulette / Please God Don’t Take Vin Scully

Plenty of sex in the first bit-sized chunk of episode 273. You've heard of Russian Roulette, right? You will not believe what Sex Roulette is. Thanks Brooke Peterson for finding this story. And, unless you are a porn star, you might also have a hard time believing how little time, on average, we spend actually having sex in our lifetimes. Doctors truly love us, and they prove this by recommending we eat a healthy plate of human feces to cure certain ailments. Now there's a recognized syndrome adults who throw temper tantrums can blame their poor behavior on. Morely Safer is just another example of a radio/TV reporter/host who worked well into his golden years and dropped dead days after he retired. Phil Hulett worries about what might happen at the end of this Dodger season! Sports Talk host Dale Lopes joins Phil and Brooke in the studio and asks how young is too young for Universities to recruit and offer scholarships to up and coming football players. Try 8th grade?

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Episode 272 Part 6 - iTunes Sans Downloads / Shrimp Daddy / Can You Hear Me Now

Part six of the Friday the 13th Show features a spirited conversation between Gonzo Greg and Phil Hulett over Apple Music, iTunes and changes over at Apple regarding music downloads. this could affect your music library, so pay attention. Plus the no tipping at the restaurant experiment has yielded a result. Guess who's original rap name was "Shrimp Daddy" and the old guy who had it "up to here" with a Verizon technician. You won't believe what he did.
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Episode 272 Part 5 - Killer Subaru / So Old She is Dead / Job Hunting 101

In part 5 of episode 272, Friday the 13th Show, and Phil Hulett makes sure everyone knows if they drive a certain model of car, they are going to die. Plus Gonzo Greg is very sad about what just happened to the oldest woman (116) in America. Debbie Silverman's book is called "It's Just a Conversation - What to Say and How to Say It in Business" but on this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends, she offers help to college grads whose diplomas say they learned something but the truth is they are screwed and nobody wants to hire them. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 272 is sponsored by Lunar Pages.


Episode 272 Part 4 - Sexy GPS Babe / Your Ex on Facebook / Money Monsters

In part 4 of episode 272 we explore what that sexy voice inside your GPS does to you when you are all alone in your car on that lonely road of loserness. The top reasons why most people track down their ex on Facebook. And Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Darkness, Money Monsters and The Lobster.

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Episode 272 Part 3 - Superstition Travel / TV Cancellations / Miss Piggy Rage

In this chunk of the Friday the 13th Show, travel guy, Gary Warner riffs on the mythology of the day and directs our attention to some of the more superstitious travel destinations in the world. Plus Gonzo Greg reviews the network television cancellations, including the Muppets, which prompted Phil to hate on Miss Piggy. The segment of Episode 272 is sponsored by Lunar Pages.


Episode 272 Part 2 - Giant Butt / Teen Girls Genital Plastic Surgery / Facebook Death / Trump PR / Space Jam 2 Fail

Hey, if it's considered art, I guess an 18 foot tall man's ass is worth paying to see in a museum. Maybe you agree? Researchers have found a troubling byproduct of the preponderance of porn in our society, teen girls think they don't measure up so they are getting plastic surgery on their genital area. Careful when visiting could die! Donald Trump Public Relations featuring an agent who Donald Trump says is not Donald Trump. Why the the director of the movie "Space Jam" says the sequel is going to fail. This segment of episode 272, "The Friday the 13th Show" is sponsored by the Heat and Cool.


Episode 272 Part 1 - Friday the 13th / Google Car Update / Sharon and Ozzy

This is Phil Hulett's first attempt at segmenting full-length shows into bite-sized chunks. In this first of 6 chunks from episode 272, Phil and co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane talk about up the properties, good and bad, of Friday the 13th. Don't miss our Travel Guy, Gary Warner riffing on Friday the 13th with his list of superstition-related travel destinations in part 3 of this episode. Google tries to force people not to steer their cars. Sharon Osbourne may have given Ozzy the boot, but she's still forcing him to work. You can listen to Episode 272 in it's entirety here: CLICK.  Part 1 of Episode 272 is sponsored by Lunar Pages.


Prom Sex

Does everyone really have sex on prom night? We have the definitive answer on this episode of Phil Hulett and FriendsDr. Roberta Kline returns to the show to show you how to completely detox your body without trendy treatments like coffee enemas. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Captain America: Civil War and lists his top 10 super hero movies of the past 25 years. Colleen O'Grady makes a return visit to try to convince Phil how to treat mom (and his wife) better on Mother's Day. Kelly J joins Phil in the studio and they cover these stories: Hangover remedies, What Prince had in his system when he dies, Why is Train covering the complete Led Zeppelin 2? Apartments on Venus, Kids are wimps, sprinting great grandma, what not to get mom, David Bowie secret images on album cover, the Whopper Dog, Fried Chicken-flavored nail polish, and finally, the apps of the future are going to suck...unless you are color blind.