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Episode 282 Part 6 - Vodka Made from Fog | Build-a-Burger Fail | Bye-Bye VCR


A distillery in Northern California called Hangar 1 made a small batch of Vodka out of San Francisco's famous fog. How, you say? You'll have to listen to what the Chief Distiller has to say on this podcast. Plus McDonald's New Zealand let it's customers design their own burgers AND NAME them on the McD-NZ website. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot, and we chuckle through the massive fail. Pro-ball management will go to any lengths, even break the law, to get an edge on an opponent. And the only company still manufacturing VCR's says it's going to quit doing that soon. We'll tell you who to buy yours from.

Episode 282 Part 5 - White House Gardens | Brain Shock | Work Fridge Food Theft Revenge


Marta McDowell wrote the book, All The Presidents' Gardens and talks about all the odd things that have grown and events that have been held at the various gardens on the White House grounds. We wonder if Mrs. Obama's vegetable garden will endure into the next presidency. Plus if you enjoy reading but wish you could use that time it takes to devour a book to do other things, this neuroscience doctor would love to hook up your brain to his little machine. And it's the ultimate revenge for that co-worker who keeps stealing your stuff from inside the company refrigerator. 

Episode 282 Part 4 -No Proof of Global Warming | Summer Travel Bargains | Super STD


Without a doubt we're pretty sure none of the examples Gonzo Greg offers of extreme heat on the planet point to anything warming up, right? While you're cooking in the heat, why not take a vacation? Travel guy Gary Warner offers the top last minute summer travel deals with some important caveats. And just when you thought we had the upper hand on this once popular sexually transmitted disease, it's back with a vengeance and super-resistant to, good luck not catching it, you sexually active person you!  

Episode 282 Part 3 - Star Trek Beyond |Smart Stitches | Walking Trees


Manny the Movie Guy reviews a packed weekend of new releases, including Star Trek Beyond, Ice Age: Collision Course, Lights Out, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and Captain Fantastic. Can you tell which one is his "Pick of the Week" and which one got his top rating of 4 kisses? Plus Dale Lopes introduces us to Smart Stitches. Phil Hulett reports on luggage you can ride around the airport on. Gonzo Greg Spillane warns us about actual WALKING TREES!!!

Episode 282 Part 2 - Mid-Life Entrepreneurship | THC in the Water | Bite Massage


Get ready for your next mid-life crisis. This time you're not looking for a new girl or boyfriend, you're looking for a new line of work. The Mid-Life entrepreneur Expert, Bill Seagraves explains to pros and cons of starting your own business in your 50's or later. Plus Gonzo Greg Spillane reports on one city where drinking the tap water will get you Rocky Mountain high. And Phil Hulett delves into some of the weird new health fads that musicians are totally buying into, like bite massage!

Episode 282 Part 1 - RNC Trivia | Pokemon Go Champion | Comic-Con 2016


We don't talk a lot of politics on this show, however co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane did find several unusual and funny factoids about the Republican National Convention that you didn't hear on the major news networks. Plus, you'll hear about the guy who found every single monster in the Pokedex using the popular Pokemon Go app. Co-Host Dale Lopes reports the startling number of American pregnant women who have been infected with the Zika virus. Cos Play Geek, and host of the podcast, The Retro Convo, Mike Templeton gives you a complete preview of the 47th annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

Episode 282 - Comic-Con | Mid-Life Entrepreneurs | RNC Trivia


Bonus! As we are taking next week off, here's a rare chance to listen to an entire show in one, 2-hour sitting. This episode features Gonzo GregDale Lopes and Phil Hulett. Cos Play Geek, (or is he a nerd), and host of the podcast, The Retro Convo, Mike Templeton gives you a complete preview of the 47th annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego. William Seagraves, author of the book Be Your Best Boss, gives tips on mid-life entrepreneurship. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the latest Star Trek and Ice Age Movies, but neither flick is his pick of the week. Listen to find out which movie receives 5 kisses from Manny! Travel Guy Gary Warner offers guidance on booking last minute summer trips and saving money. He also offers up some warnings about which places would be a bust this time of year. Horticulture and landscape history expert, Marta McDowell talks about her new book, All the Presidents' Gardens. Caley Shoemaker is the Head Distiller at Hangar 1 Vodka. She's the brains behind a small batch of vodka made from real San Francisco fog! 

The boys add these stories: RNC tidbits you didn't know about, Pokemon Go champion, way more pregnant women in the US with Zika than we thought, "Smart stitches," THC in the water supply, actual walking trees, super drug resistant gonorrhea, how to fall out of love with reading in a hurry, apparently guys DO buy Playboy Magazine for the articles, bizarre health trends musicians are buying into, luggage you can ride or attach to your pants like a tail, the last VCR's to ever be built, that'll teach you to steal my creamer in the office fridge, and finally, McDonald's design-a-burger fail. 

Episode 281 Part 6 - Bryan Cranston Rules!


Manny the Movie Guy reviews Ghostbusters and the new Bryan Cranston movie, The Infiltrator. Guess which one he likes better! Plus what, dead God has happened to Mick Jagger? Skylar has earth-shattering news. A woman with a death grip causes her husband to die in a most disgusting way. A dog gets into the record books after doing this in 60 seconds. Introducing the armpit air conditioner. And finally, speech synthesis for those with no voice. 

Episode 281 Part 5 - Fantasy Baseball Come True


This one is for fantasy sports geeks! Imagine you can use your superior statistical skills to run the front office of a real, professional baseball team? That's exactly what happened to Ben Lindbergh and he wrote a book about it called, The Only Rule is it Has to Work. Plus Phil and Skylar talk about just how common road rage is, a wonderfully delicious new stadium snack bar items, and how much of your life are you really signing away by simply checking the box instead of reading the terms and services agreement provided in every single app you install?

Episode 281 Part 4 - Summer Diet Saboteurs


Skylar Cuarisma reads of the Forbes top paid celebrities for 2016 and Phil Hulett counters with the most beautiful celebs according to science! Plus, ordained minister and counselor who spent 40 years yo-yo-ing it up and down on fad diets, Renee Jones talks about how to beat the summer diet saboteurs, like ice cream, pie, candy, hamburgers, cake, did we mention ice cream? 

Episode 281 Part 3 - Listen Like a Dog


Phil interviews the "Dogtologist," Jeff Lazarus, about his new book, Listen Like a Dog. We learn what there is to learn from dogs about life as a human. Plus Sklylar Cuarisma asks, "To far or not to fear the beard,"  and answers with some pretty surprising facts about neck fuzz. Phil adds the list of the funniest movie male full-frontal scenes. 

Episode 281 Part 2 - Talking to Kids About Terrorism


Tough topic to tackle, but Page Olson, author of the forthcoming book, The Success Manifesto, explains how to talk to kids about events such as the truck attack in Nice, France. Her approach to innovative play for kids can sometimes cut across the grain of a generation of helicopter parents, but in this case, the example she gives are common sense solutions if you just get over yourself and see what's best for your kids. Yes, gauntlet thrown. Plus Skylar Cuarisma reports on yet another robot attack. This time a small child is the victim.

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