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04-07-14 UCSB Rioting, ‘Round the World Family, Pot Stocks and Talking to Fido

April 7, 2014

On today's show, KEYT-TV Reporter John Palminteri, "The King of Santa Barbara" checked in with details on the UCSB party phenomenon called "Deltopia" which this year, went very wrong. Jennifer Bjorklund is on assignment with revelations about the Kaufman family who chose to sail around the world with their 1 and 3 year old daughters. Would you do that? Probably not, especially after hearing Jennifer's description of the trip just before the boat sank! Is it time to get in on the pot rush? Financial expert Peter Leeds advises on marijuana stocks - good or bad? Dr. Laurie Moore has a particular set of skills when it comes to communicating with your pet. You don't want to miss her advice. Chris Martin handicaps the NCAA Championship and asks should the President be off limits for selfies after what happened with "Big Papi."  And finally, in Jay's Real Estate Minute (we just made that part up) PETA wants Jeffrey Dahmer's former home turned into one of these, and the name they want is anything but appetizing.