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04-30-14 Wildfire, Supermarket Rankings and Steering Good Luck

April 30, 2014

On a red flag day in Southern California, the fire season kicked in with a wind-driven wildfire in the San Bernardino Mountains near the Etiwanda Preserve...very close to homes in Rancho Cucamonga. We checked in on the firefight as the burned acreage approached 900, and mandatory evacuations were ordered for two small communities. Plus, compiled a ranking of American Supermarkets and 2 Southern California favorites topped the list. Author, Jaden Sterling taught us how to unlock the secrets of good luck and winning. Jay's loyalty was put to the test when Phil played a clip of Jay on the Howard Stern Show. Jennifer admits she would buck up and make the relationship work if it meant she would be a princess. Today there is word of a Royal couple splitting. Chris alerted us to a city where they worry about exploding whales.  Jay and Jennifer put their faces to the test at  they were scored on beauty, symmetry, etc. Guess who got a 5.1?  We'll tell you tomorrow on KFWB who got an 8.2.