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06-04-14 Stanley Cup Cheat Sheet, Home Schoolin’ and Tattoo Virus

June 4, 2014

It's game one tonight in the Stanley Cup Final (yes, it's Final, singular) pitting the Kings against the Rangers, so now that you are following hockey, you need a cheat sheet, and we provide that for you here. Plus, a family with 10 kids home schools there kids to be ready for college by age 12, a tattoo virus is coming and boy is it inky, an app that catches people who illegally park in handicap spaces, a historic roller-coaster closes in SoCal, do a little Clippers Math to find out what your team is worth, the last of the "code talkers" dies, a lady is sure she says Flight 370 but didn't bother to say so until today, and Maureen Dowd should read the label on edible marijuana.