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07-08-14 Coaster Danger, Steinberg on Lakers, NYPD Neuter

July 8, 2014

Should police be able to confiscate your dog, then get it neutered without your permission?  The kickstarter copycat can't get potato salad money for her guacamole. Super Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg explains why, "There's no joy in Lakers-land." A roller coaster expert is baffled how a tree branch could have derailed Magic Mountain's Ninja ride. Doctors spend almost all of their time filling out Obamacare paperwork now...but help is on the way in the form of scribes. President Obama rarely Tweets for himself, and the CIA Tweets silly.  A guy chokes to death during a hot dog eating contest, forgotten viles of small pox are discovered in a closet, in an old cardboard box, and driver-less trucks are tested on the Autobahn.  

Quote of the day: "Germany 7 Brazil 1. Somebody is going to die." - Jay Campadonia.