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07-10-14 Can Police Confiscate Your Drone Video without a Search Warrant?

July 10, 2014

Did the police violate the fourth amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure when they confiscated the memory card from our tech guy's Drone? Jeremy Anticouni tells the story that might spark a national discussion on whether the Supreme Court's ruling on the privacy of digital devices extends to your Drone (we bet you'll ask for one for Christmas), or if existing laws protecting aerial video footage apply.  Listen to the story and decide for yourself.   Plus, 19-year old cheerleader/huntress Kendell Jones becomes the "hunted" by a politician who offers big bucks if anyone can produce nude photos or sex tapes of the young lady. What a tool!  A 14 year old girl takes on bullies by photographing herself in front of a spray painted insult...the photo goes viral! Lake Mead is drying up at an alarming rate...will we have enough water to drink? Stem cell regrowth goes very very wrong in Portugal, but very right in Michigan. School kids are attacked by a rogue pig in MAINE! Look out for the cute, furry RABID DEER! And good luck buying legal pot in Washington when your boss wants you to undergo a drug test. And finally, Phil Hulett turns the tables and makes YOU feel old.