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08-11-14 Drought Resistance and Work-a-holics

August 11, 2014

California is in it's third year of drought and the State is exploring how to "convince" people to conserve. Today we learned what to do, or NOT do to our gardens to be water wise when Nick Federoff drops by the studio.  Plus, a sef help expert explains how work-a-holics can reconnect with their families before it's too late. Jennifer Bjorklund had the day off, and former KROQ DJ April Whitney stepped in. She explained how Courtney Love threw all of Curt Cobain's money down a hole, and challenged Phil Hulett and Jay Campadonia to a game of Scrabble in honor of the National Championships.  Chris Martin revealed why teenagers are angry with the Teen Choice Awards. Jay found the best reason to stop taking selfies, and uncovered perhaps the jerkiest mom ever.