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Episode 272 Part 1 - Friday the 13th / Google Car Update / Sharon and Ozzy

May 14, 2016

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This is Phil Hulett's first attempt at segmenting full-length shows into bite-sized chunks. In this first of 6 chunks from episode 272, Phil and co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane talk about up the properties, good and bad, of Friday the 13th. Don't miss our Travel Guy, Gary Warner riffing on Friday the 13th with his list of superstition-related travel destinations in part 3 of this episode. Google tries to force people not to steer their cars. Sharon Osbourne may have given Ozzy the boot, but she's still forcing him to work. You can listen to Episode 272 in it's entirety here: CLICK.  Part 1 of Episode 272 is sponsored by Lunar Pages.