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Episode 275 Part 4 - Social Media Poisons Kids / Deadly Beauty Products

June 7, 2016

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Ms. California 2014, Sande Charles co-hosts and she climbs right up onto that proverbial soap box and rails against the people who use social media in a way which corrupts children. You need to hear what she has to say and see if you are on Team Sande or Team Kim! We get an update on Chewbacca Mom. Plus Deborah Chase of the No Nonsense Beauty Blog warns of the ingredients in beauty products that you need to avoid like the plague. She also talks about the essential things you need in your beauty regimen. CONTEST ALERT! Just for listening to this episode, for a limited time, you can qualify for a chance to win a valuable prize from Deborah. Check out the Phil Hulett and Friends Facebook Page for details on how to enter the contest.