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07-25-14 Geeked Out in San Diego, Bake Sale Ban, and the “Rat Story”

July 25, 2014

We geek out with Comic-Con when our Fan Boy Mike Templeton checks in. Our movie guy share his love for Scarlett Johansson in her new movie, Lucy. He's even willing to give Hercules a chance. Plus credit cards and cellphones of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 are still being used - do you charge The Pope for lunch? - the No Fun Police strike again when they target school bake sales!  - Woman plucks live bird on train and then proceeds to do THIS - you have no excuse not to have a job when you hear what this guy is doing - the Lakers probably have a new head coach and he is... - you'll find out what happens when you tell Jennifer Bjorklund to calm down - and a judge issues settlement after rats chew through body bags and "enter" the bodies of corpses at a morgue.