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07-22-14 Giant Duck, Naked and Afraid, and E.D. is Good

July 22, 2014

We're pretty sure today's show went too far. But we're all adults here, so here it goes.  Michael Russer talks about how erectile dysfunction changed his life and now he is more intimate with his partner and sex is better than ever. Yeah, we know, but you have to hear his explanation.  We have an important update on the missing Giant Rubber Duck. And entertainment gal Gayl Murphy brings you the "back story" of Naked and Afraid. Plus Jay Campadonia reveals the softer side of Ted Nugent, why a 97-year old man was kicked out of the home, and why it's important to never upset the help at a hotel.  Chris Martin goes all Comic-Con on you, reveals the details of a longest Simpsons marathon ever, and sends some love to Weird Al.