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08-06-14 Hawaii Hurricanes, Lodges and Curiosity

August 6, 2014

Tropical storms Iselle and Julio are headed straight for Hawaii, and that's why we sent Jennifer Bjorklund TO HAWAII. She'll be there when the storms, potentially hurricanes by then, come ashore. Our travel dude, Gary Warner takes you on a tour of America's Great National Park Lodges. The Author of  Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission joins us to talk about the 2 year birthday of the Mars rover. Gonzo Greg Spillane fills in for Jay Campadonia today with one county where smokers won't get hired for work, a guy named Sam Sung is selling his business cards...can you guess where he works? Bieber saves a guy from getting killed by a bear. The lady runner who uses her Nike Plus app to jog penis drawings on her GPS maps. Chris Martin reveals Kiss bassist, founder, Gene Simmons is on Donald Sterling's side. Windshield navigation is coming! Who wins in a fight, a bull shark or a crocodile? And Phil Hulett reports that California's population is larger than the population of....