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Is Wearable Tech Causing Cancer?

April 7, 2015

You'll hear from Dr. Mitch Gaynor who raises significant concern about digital devices and their cancer risk. He says the jury is still out on the risks and you should hear what else he says. Plus we talk with a Nutritionist who says to forget everything you know about gluten and lactose intolerance. Our travel guy checks in to extol the virtues of small towns. An engineering student describes a vehicle that can get 1500 mpg! Lane Bryant goes nasty in it's social media battle with Victoria Secret. Behold the Burger-King wedding. You'll get a charge out of a new drinking game...literally. You can bring one of these into the NRA convention. The TSA keeps the change...a lot of it. Which hand-penned work raised more money in auction, the Gettysburg Address or Don McLean's "American Pie?" Now you can file for divorce via Facebook. And finally, do sesame seed farmers think we're racist?