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07-23-14 Last Minute summer travel, Metal Detectors and Man U

July 24, 2014

Big soccer day as the LA Galaxy take on Manchester United at the Rose Bowl.  Phil predicts a Galaxy win. Plus our travel guy, Gary Warner gives a bunch of tips for summer travel...before summer slips through your fingers!  Jennifer Bjorklund updates us on the indignity of going through a metal detector...when you're the Secretary of State! Portland has a pastry problem, and a woman goes off on people who relieve themselves in her yard. Jay Campadonia offers up Sarah Palin's excuse for speeding, a woman who gets a ticket for saving ducklings, and a way for you to pay the water bills of folks in Detroit who can't afford it.  Chris Martin chimed in with new research that says 8 hours of sleep could kill you, PETA's latest effort to protest Sea World at Comic-Con, and what did Doc Rivers say about his tenure as Clippers coach if Donald Sterling still owns the team come the start of the season?  And finally, Phil Hulett has a beef with the Associated Press when he calls out a writer for causing newsrooms all over the country to hit the "Breaking News" button all because of poor writing skills!