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Pack up the Kids, We’re Moving to Mars

February 24, 2015

Imagine you've had it with life here on Earth, so you decide to high-tail it to MARS! That's exactly what one 27 year old Long Beach, CA woman ill do. Lift-off is in ten years, but you'll hear her motivations for leaving and find out why her family believes she's nuts! Plus, the commuter train wreck in So Cal, what to do with your kids if you are snowed in or otherwise locked in your house due to brutal winter weather, and if you don't book your tickets to a U.S. National Park now for summer, you may be out of luck...UNLESS you listen to our travel guy. Chris Martin tells us about Apple's controversial new ethnic emojis, a cure for child peanut allergies, a plan to speed up baseball, and how many NFL teams are really coming to Los Angeles. Erin Myers brings us the Face Blanket, the mystery Pan Am games tunnel, Dancing with the (Who?) Stars, and the Girl Scout Cookie Oven. And Phil Hulett taunts Erin with stories of Tom Brady going into acting after his football career is over.