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Paris, Antibiotics and the Politics of Love

November 17, 2015

With everybody cancelling their European travel plans because of the terror attacks in Paris this past Friday, is now actually a great time to visit Paris? Our travel guy gives an excellent historical perspective on Parisians bouncing back from adversity and why we should help them along the way. Plus Dr. Amesh Agalja  answers the question, are antibiotics effective anymore? Should Republicans and Democrats date? Dr. Frieda Birnbaum has some unbelievable things to say about bi-political relationships. Chris Martin and Phil Hulett have a big stack of stories for you as well, including: Charlie Sheen's H.I.V., hackers declare war on ISIS, California needs to hire a Pot Head, Twitter's secret Emoji plan, Fast food goes cage-free, how not to get ripped off by labels on frozen turkeys, this week coffee is good for your health, details on TONIGHT'S once in three decades meteor shower, Janis Joplin was a bad ass, Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year isn't even a word, the weirdest things people find on their significant other's phones, the top cosplay costumes people fantasize about, and Brad Paisley's fishin' hole.