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Pro Teams Corrupted by Daily Fantasy Games

October 27, 2015

With companies like Fan Duel and Draft Kings growing in popularity, the sponsorship money is irresistible for professional sports franchises. But how deep is the relationship, and do leagues, teams and players have a stake in the success of daily fantasy sports companies? A former NFL attorney blows the whistle on this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Plus: is she a witch or just a kindly women from Germany, tucked away in northern Alberta with potions and other concoctions you can make in your kitchen? Our travel guy takes us around the world to the spookiest graveyards. Festmeister Hans joins us to talk about a mash up of Halloween and Oktoberfest called OktoberBeast! Chris Martin tallies the score between meat-eaters and vegetarians after the World Health Organization issues a ruling on processed meats. Also: World Series Game 1 preview, Dog shoots hunter, Gervais vs Rock, Lamar Odom's cocaine test result, kids steal a car and the owner chases them down in THIS, how to make fake blood for Halloween without ketchup, and finally an entire town enlists thousands of people to give a terminal child an epic, and final Christmas.