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07-16-14 Our 100th Show! Prospector Pete is Employed, Desert Vacations and Tater Tot Waffles

July 16, 2014

Since our humble beginnings as a weekly podcast in August of 2013 then becoming the first podcast to leap to major market broadcast radio, today is our 100th show.  We couldn't have done it without you...well, actually we could have, but it's great to have you along for the ride. Today, "The Beach" versus "49ers" at CSULB and the fate of Prospector Pete.  Plus, why in the world would you vacation in the desert during this time of year? And, NASA says they are pretty sure now there's life out there, Illegal Immigrant kids get treated to luxury accommodations, guy starts smoking 50 years ago (guess his age today), Chimps know good and bad apes in "Planet of the...", @HiddenCash destruction, we're pretty sure Oakland will elect a dog as mayor, and Shark Girls are too sexy for San Jose Hockey Fans.