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7-17-14 Save the Classic Cartoons and Grow Some Lettuce

July 18, 2014

Gardening expert Nick Federoff joins the friends to talk about how easy it is for you to start a vegetable garden, no matter how much space you have.  Plus Tommy Stathes is preserving classic and forgotten cartoons for the ages.  What's your favorite cartoon?  Jay reveals e-Hamony's new spokesman and it makes absolutely no sense....if there's a God in heaven. Ikea is offering pets for adoption. Dinosaur poop is up for auction. Chris tells us about Chinese farmers are giving up on crops to build transformers, and a special lane just for pedestrians with their heads down, texting while walking. Finally, how about a nice plate of Fried Chicken Oreo's?  Sorry...they don't exist, BUT Oreo Encrusted Fried Chicken does!