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08-05-14 Teen Sexters, Spying Potato Chips and Ebola

August 5, 2014

How do you get your teenage son or daughter to stop sexting or flashing their naughty bits through SnapChat? An expert has answers on today's show. Plus, how worried should we be about Ebola? Our resident Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz has answers. Gonzo Greg Spillane visits again in place of the vacationing Jay Campadonia. He introduced us to potato chips that spy on your conversation, a study that says video games are GOOD for you, and the weapon of choice for two women in a bar fight (you'll never you better listen). Jennifer Bjorklund hates on the guy who kicked a squirrel over the edge of Grand Canyon and earthquakes caused by drought, and catching a pedophile through Google. Finally, you do not want to miss Chris Martin describe a Texas socialite's 3-story wardrobe closet, and the 7 other uses for vodka.