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Turnt up with Hot Dogs and Shrimp

May 28, 2015

Is that what the kids call it, "turnt up?" Our guest co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane disputes the science that says you can get hammers and gorge on fast food and still be productive at the work the next day. Speaking of turnt up, will the First Church of Cannabis get busted during it's first gathering? Plus Manny the Movie Guy quakes over San Andreas, not so much Aloha. Author and journalist Andrea Reynolds learns the hard way, people just don't want to enter essay contests any more. Tech dude Jeremy Anitcouni describes the latest drone technology from GoPro. Plus, there's a cure for aggressive skin's kind of better than cancer. Hippies love taxes! The best drunk story EVER. The dress code letter that outraged parents. NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final. An end to robo calls?What can we learn from the Google Developers conference? Perhaps the cost of "free." The string of words that will take down an iPhone. A fresh start of Lindsay Lohan. Is Taylor Swift a virgin?The top 20 90's Alt Rock one-hit wonders. How the Ouija Board got it's name. How much money you'd have today if you invested what you spent on your wedding. And finally, a wheelchair for a goldfish.