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Waffles, Bullies and Bad Passengers

September 2, 2014

Today we ask the question, Will it Waffle? Apparently the answer is, "Yes." You have to listen to know what we're talking about. Plus, nationally recognized anti-bullying expert reveals the key to diffusing cyber bullying. Our travel dude explains why he thinks people are losing their minds in-flight. Wait a minute....what did he call flight attendants? Our new friend, Erin Myers looks for missing marijuana taxes in Colorado, updates us on the Uzi girl, and sounds a warning about radioactive boars in Germany. What? Jay Campadonia shows his colors when it comes to the pledge of allegiance, and sends out a call to all men who would like to visit a village in Brazil...a village populated by only...WOMEN!  Chris Martin sends an unexpected shout out to Idaho, then tells us about all the fallout from celebrity nudes on the cloud, how action movies make you fat, and why the Rams dumped Michael Sams who in turn may become a Cowboy. Lastly, thanks to Phil Hulett for pointing out what is swimming and in some cases having sex on our faces right now.