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06-20-14 What Ever Happened To Thrasher?

June 20, 2014

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Today Jennifer Bjorklund and Jay Campadonia were on vacation (separately) but just the same, we needed to fill out the table a little, and look who we found: 1980's-1990's Pure Rock Radio legend, Ted "Thrasher" Prichard. Thrash-Pie recounted his days as a heavy metal god on KNAC FM, plus he delivered the stories behind the stories, including: something you wouldn't expect to break out at the CDC, Herman Cain says America is being ruined by idiots, and social media is burning up with World Cup fever.  Chris Martin takes us for a ride on an asteroid, introduces us to the inadvertent feminist, and updates the World Cub scores (sorry Great Britain). Plus today's guests, Michael Sragow reviews the weekend movies, and the new Downtown Harbor opens up right up the street from our studio in Ports O'Call.